Swiss Politics

This track is all about the political system of Switzerland and its peculiarities. Its focus is lies on analytical questions, for example, on questions of socio-structural foundations, institutions, decision-making processes and actors of the Swiss consensus democracy. Political participation, change in the political system, democratic decision-making, social and economic policy. In addition to comprehensive methodical training, specific research areas such as electoral research, institution theory, policy analysis and evaluation are important elements of this course of studies. Within the main focus, you have the opportunity to get involved in a specific area (eg voting and electoral behavior, decision-making and policy processes, evaluation) or to study the whole spectrum of Swiss politics.

Graduates are particularly well prepared for professional challenges in administrations, parties, associations, journalism or policy advice, as well as in-depth Political Science skills, as well as broad and precise knowledge of the political system of Switzerland, research and application-based competences in analysis, evaluation and design of decision-making structures and policies. As the largest Political Science department in Switzerland, and with its close links with the ETH, the NCCR Democracy and the Center for Democracy in Aarau, the IPZ guarantees a wide range of topics and great flexibility in the design of your studies of Swiss politics.


Spring semester 2018

Fall semester 2018