MA first minor in Political Science (30 CP)

General information

The Master of Arts (MA) minor (30 CP) in Political Science prepares students for positions in municipalities, public administrations, federal authorities as well as in consultancies, the media, and the private sector.

The rules of the Cantonal Regulations (German only), the Study Regulations of the Faculty of Arts (German only), and the Regulations and Guidelines of the IPZ (German only) are effective. Please read these documents thoroughly. The following guidance serves as further explanation.

To be accomplished in total

In the Master minor (30 credits) in Political Science there must be attended: 1 main seminar (MA seminars), 1 research seminar, the courses "Advanced methods of Political Science I", and 2 MA seminars.

Overview MA 30 (German only)


Students have to attend the compulsory one-term course "Fortgeschrittene Methoden der Politikwissenschaft" during the fall term. Additionally to that, three arbitrary MA seminars and one research seminar have to be chosen. Students may choose between the following fields:

  • Comparative Politics  
  • International Relations
  • Policy Analysis
  • Political Economy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Swiss Politics

Please note that students must apply for the MA certificateat the Deanery of the Faculty of Arts.