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Department of Political Science

Su Yun Woo

Su Yun Woo, Ph.D.

  • Postdoc
+41 44 634 40 21

Curriculum vitae

Su Yun Woo is a postdoctoral fellow from Singapore, working at Professor Kübler's group “Democracy and Public Governance” since July 2020. Her main research focus is on local citizen participation in China and her PhD dissertation (at Institute of Political Science, University of Zurich) examined the phenomenon of deliberative democracy with Chinese characteristics with a comparative qualitative study of participatory budgeting in two Chinese localities Chengdu and Wenling. Su Yun is currently teaching the Bachelor course ‘Political development in Contemporary China’ (Spring Semester) and ‘Urban Governance Challenges in Greater China’ (Fall Semester). Her research interests comprise deliberative governance, democratic innovations, China studies, Singapore politics, urban governance, Chinese foreign policy, as well as citizen participation. Also, she is currently involved in a preliminary survey study of Chinese perception on the EU, an external research project investigating the topic of Right to the City in 4 Asian countries supported by Instituto Polis (Brazil), as well as engages in research collaboration with a Chinese non-profit organisation ‘Social Equity and Participation Center’ on citizenship participation.