SNSF professorship: Election and voting campaigns

Prof. Dr. Oliver Strijbis

Do direct democratic and election campaigns merely activate the voters to turnout and vote according to their preferences or do they have a substantive impact on direct democratic decisions and electoral outcomes? This research group focuses on such questions of direct democratic decision making and election campaigns. It is linked to a SNSF project that investigates the effect of campaigns on direct democratic votes in general and campaign events in particular. The project aims at typologies of campaign events in elections and direct democratic decisions with regards to its effect on vote choice. Methodologically, it designs and applies prediction markets to elections and direct democratic ballots.

Beyond the research on direct democracy and election campaigns, we analyze the political behavior and mobilization of ethnic minorities. We analyze how political preferences and behavior of ethnic minorities differs from that of the majority population and what impact it has for parties and social movements. With regard to the latter, we analyze how political actors mobilize ethnic minorities in order to promote their policy goals and achieve representation.