Professorship for Policy Analysis

The term "public policy" denotes the output of a political system. Public policies are one of the most concrete ways in which we experience politics in our everyday life, even though we do not always notice them. When we are ill and need medical attention, we are affected by health policy, which determines how we can access health care services; when we use electronic devices, we rely on regulatory policy for their safety and on energy policy for the electricity that powers them; as professors or students, our activities within a university are shaped by education policy; the list of examples is virtually endless. As a sub-discipline of political science, public policy seeks to understand and explain the origins, nature, implementation, and consequences of policies in all areas and at all political levels (subnational, national, and international). The Chair of Public Policy pursues these goals with an emphasis on the rigorous empirical analysis of theoretical research questions with practical relevance, with the primary aim of advancing scientific knowledge on public policy. Furthermore, the Chair strives to combine insights from, and contribute to, other political science subfields such as comparative politics, political economy, and international relations.

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