Professorship for Political Methodology

Methods Start

In 2005 Simon Hug was the first professor to hold the methods chair at the University of Zurich. The main teaching aspect is the training of undergraduate students in research design and quantitative methods. Research is not limited to methodological topics but rather deals with many challenges from different subfields. Research projects have been carried out about the political consequences of referenda, parliamentary decision processes, European integration, comparative political economy, and the Swiss political system.

The Ambivalent Partisan: How Critical Loyalty Promotes Democracy (Oxford University Press, 2012), which was co-authored by Prof. Marco Steenbergen, has won two prestigious awards: (1) The David O. Sears award for the best book published in 2012 in the field on mass politics of the International Society of Political Psychology and (2) the Robert E. Lane award for the best book in political psychology of the American Political Science Association.